This puzzlebox can be seen as an escaperoom in a box; the user has limited time to solve all puzzles. The box is themed like a timebomb, it has a countdown timer on top and the user has to solve puzzles to defuse the bomb before it "explodes".

There are a lot of different kinds of puzzles on the box, there are cryptic messages, codes to open padlocks, weird symbols and more. There are also electronic puzzles, such as blinking lights, pushing buttons in the right order, flipping switches in a pattern, connecting cables to the right spots and placing magnets on the right places on the side of the box. Some puzzles open a new compartment that was locked before, in these compartments are new parts that are needed for other puzzles. The bomb is defused by disconnecting a cable that is locked behind a transparent acrylic glass door.

Designers Jeppe Groen
Lars van Kleef
Year 2018-2019 Type of project Highschool year 6
Topics Puzzles