Hexa Labyrinth

In my spare time, I designed a board game called Hexa Labyrinth. It is heavily inspired by the Labyrinth board game published by Ravensburger. In this game, the board resembles a maze which is made out of loose tiles that can all be shifted. Each player can shift a row of tiles at the start of their turn, this will then change the layout of the maze. The goal of the game is to find treasures that are spread around in the labyrinth.

My version of the game has a hexagonal board and triangular tiles, unlike the original which has square tiles. I also created a disk in the center of the board that can be spun around. The parts were modeled in SolidWorks and 3D printed, the treasure drawings were made by me as well. The game was pitched to Ravensburger, after which the prototype was mailed to their office in Germany where it has been reviewed for possible publication. Due to some mechanical problems with the tiles, it was decided to not publish the game in its current state. However, there is still a chance for publication in case these problems are solved, which I am planning to still look into in the future.

Designer Jeppe Groen Year 2021 Type of project Hobby project Topics Board games