Flowlight is an alarmclock that is designed for artists that 'go with the flow', it allows for a natural waking up experience. The shape of the clock is inspired by nature; it has multiple flower-like petals that can open and close. When a petal is open, light from the clock can shine through, this light is blocked when a petal is closed.

During the day, all the petals are open and the lights are off. In the evening, the lights turn on to notify the user that they should go to sleep. When the user goes to sleep, they close all the petals in a smooth motion to block the lights and make it dark. When the user has had enough hours of sleep, the petals open slowly to wake the user up with light. The alarm can be snoozed by simply closing the petals to make it dark again, but after a while more petals will open than before. When the user has fully waken up and wants to turn off the alarm, they hold the device upside down so all the petals will fall open, resetting it for a new day to begin. My contributions for this project were mainly coming up with the interactions for the last iteration and designing 3D model for the prototype.

Designers Frederique Boon
Jeppe Groen
Maureen can de Kruijs
Leah van de Sande
Dara Vandenberg
Year 2021 Type of project Bachelor year 2
Course: Aesthetics of Interaction
Topics Interaction design