Ways of music-making have changed with the development of technology, music is now often created digitally. The tools used for modern music-making are highly complex and have a lot of intricate features. There is a high entry barrier, and this makes digital musicmaking less accessible for beginners. The goal of this design project was to make a product that allows people to get an engaging first encounter with digital music-making in an accessible and appealing way. The result is DuoDrum.

DuoDrum is a drum sequencer that allows two people to create drum rhythms together. It has a tangible user interface which makes the interaction understandable and easy to use for people without any previous musical knowledge. Square token blocks can be placed on a grid in order to program a sequence. Each row can play a different type of drum sound, colored hexagonal blocks can be placed at the start of each row to choose what drum sounds to use.

Designer Jeppe Groen Year 2022 Type of project Final Bachelor Project Coach Regina Bernhaupt Topics Music making
Tangible user interfaces