Augmented Adventures

Augmented Reality (AR) has been around for a while. The user experience value it brings to games and play is a topic that has not seen much attention. Most AR applications are gimmicky, and often use the technology solely for placing virtual objects in the real world. In our project we aimed to explore what value the integration of AR in tabletop games can bring to the user's play experience. We explored our topic through exploratory prototyping and playtesting, which led to our final board game design: Eye of the Cyclops.

With a group of up to four adventurers you enter the ruins in search for treasure. The only problem is that only the cyclops knows where the treasures are buried. Using a revealing spell, you and your team are able to look through the eye of the cyclops to reveal the treasures, and try to steal them without getting caught.

The results from this project have been turned into a research paper that will be published at the 22nd IFIP International Conference on Entertainment Computing in November of 2023.

Designers Kaj Coolen
Jeppe Groen
Hao-Xuan Lu
Niels Winkelman
Year 2022-2023 Type of project Master year 1
Design project
Coach Erik van der Spek Topics Augmented Reality
Table top games